ReCharge your device, Anywhere you are
ReCharge Powerbank has been operating since 2018. Now, we have expanded to Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Yogyakarta with over 800 machines in total.

Wherever you're going, you won't have to worry about running low on battery! You can find ReCharge Stations at many of your favorite places. Go to your nearest one and start charging!
Get to Know the ReCharge FamilyReCharge is an Internet of Things (IoT) company with one simple goal: to help people fulfill their needs easier through Internet-based vending machine technologies. We deliver accessible and affordable powerbank rental services to free you from your low battery worries.
Find Your Convenient Way to ReCharge
How to ReCharge
Rent Powerbank

01 Download ReCharge

Application on App Store or Google Play

02 Register

by using phone number

03 Top up ReCharge

Balance or Buy Package

04 Tap "Scan ReCharge" in application

and scan QR code on the machine

05 Select cable

(iOs, Type-C, and MicroUSB)

06 Collect powerbank

from the Machine and let’s #CegahLowbatt!

Return Powerbank

01 Tap the "Return"

menu on ReCharge Station screen

02 Insert ReCharge Powerbank

into the machine

03 Wait

for the “Rent” status to change to “Return”

04 Wait

for the “Rent” status to change to “Return”

05 If the status has not changed

report to the CS menu on the main page

Why Should You Use ReCharge?
A life saver!Seneng banget ada perusahaan yang paham betul sama kebutuhan utama millennials: HP dengan baterai yang selalu penuh! Karena segala kebutuhan kami memang ada di HP. Selalu merasa terbantu dengan ReCharge, apalagi ReCharge mudah banget booth nya untuk ditemui dimana-mana, bahkan di kafe kecil pun ada. Untuk masalah harga sangat teramat murah, cara top up saldo pun mudah! Teknis untuk Rent & Return juga mudah banget!Thanks ReCharge!!!-Bella Putri Taruna
Keep you on the move!This is super great and genius innovation, keeps you on the move without worrying your battery!-Mutiara Dewi
It's Fast, Simple & Easy!Sangat membantu, gampang dicari, tahan lama dan murah. Buat kalian yang di mall bisa banget sewa powerbank ini dan banyak promonya. Semua tipe kabel HP ada semua. Worth it banget deh pake ini -Melisya Febi
Our Services
Powerbank SharingReCharge Powerbanks keep your smartphones, cameras or any other mobile devices charged while you're on the move. Go ahead, rent them from your nearest ReCharge Station!
Media PlacementReCharge can help increase brand awareness through innovative offline channels using over 250 machines with 43’ screens located and over 10,000 powerbank skins located in strategic sites.
News & UpdatesFind the latest ReCharge News and Promo here!
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